Monday, July 8, 2013


    I wanted to write this earlier, but didn't get a chance to because of the crazy things I've been trying to balance in my life. So here it comes, SOCIALBLISS contacted me regarding their Style Ambassador Program and asked me if I'd be interested in being a part of it and of course I had to say yes. Who wouldn't right?! For those of ya'll who don't have what Socialbliss is, I highly recommend you guys check it out at Basically it's a platform for all you fashionistas out there who want to show off your style, sell and buy from others closets and last but not the least get to know all the gorgeous ladies who are already a part of this growing community! You guys can view my profile at
Hope ya'll had a great 4th of July, now back to the grind!!! Happy Monday!

                               This was my 4th of July at Silver Sands State Park Beach, CT
                                                        Bikini Top: Victorias Secret
                                                        Sunglasses: Giorgio Armani

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